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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wanda Jackson Part 8........yep, finally the end of the damn

At last..........the end........this was a huge list. Hope Y'all enjoyed it. We covered early to mid Wanda....rockabilly, country, foreign language, and gospel stuff, and it was quite a pleasure to put this one together :)

On to the tunage!

A date with Jerry
The window up above
The wrong kind of girl
Wishing well
Wonder could I live here anymore
Worried mind
Yakety yak
You bug me bad
You can't have my love (w/ Billy Gray)
You can't make a heel toe the mark
You created me
You don't know baby
You win again
You won't forget (about me)
You'd be the first to know
You'll always have my love
You've turned to a stranger
Your good girl's gonna go bad
Your tender love
You're the one for me
You're the only world I know
You're the reason I'm living
Yours love

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