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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A re-posted link to the first Mary Lou Williams list......

On Aug. 12, 2010, I posted the first Mary Lou Williams list:

It's seems that the link isn't's a reposted, new link to the file  :)


  1. That's fixed it. Thanks Barberella much appreciated.

  2. Not a problem. Hey, guess what? I just found some songs on a disc, by both MLW, and from the Andy Kirk Band that I will be posting. None of these were on the other lists.......look for 'em :)

  3. Sounds good to me, bring 'em on

  4. Hey, ya know....I felt so bad about dragging major ass on reposting that link, I figured I'd better get these additional tracks that I found up here ASAP :) Thanks for that gentle little boot in the