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Monday, February 14, 2011

A little OS, etc...

I've got a lot of stuff to catch up on and post. After a weekend of frustration and system issues, I'm gonna make an attempt to reclaim some lost files from windows, and then replace the system with Linux. I'm not in the position to go with Mac right now, so I think Linux is gonna be my best bet. My old pony express horse of a laptop still has some life left in it, big upgraded hard drive and memory, so I guess I'm going to ride it hard while I save up for a new and better desktop system. I hope to be back and posting in another day or so...stay tuned :)


  1. If you are going to go with Linux - a wise choice (I've been using it for years), I'd recommend Mint -

    It is easy to use, and has all the multimedia tools you'd ever need (as well as all the usual stuff). When you're up and running again pop over to the Internet Archive Movie section - There are quite a few old (free, legal) music movies with folk like Louis Jordan available for download.

  2. Penguins are said to be a friendly creature. :-)