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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Wanda Jackson....part 2

Back atcha with a few more......I'm-a workin' on down through my faves, A-Z....stay tuned for more :)

A girl don't have to drink to have fun
Half as good a girl
Happy Happy Birthday Baby
Hard headed woman
Have you ever been lonely
Heartbreak ahead
Hello darlin'
Here we are again
Honey bop
Honey don't
Hot dog! that made him mad
How important can it be
I betcha my heart I love you
I can't make my dreams understand
I cried again 1
I cried again 2
I don't wanta go
I'd be ashamed
I'd rather have a broken heart
I'd rather have you
The greatest actor
The half that's mine
The heart you could have had
The hunter
The hurtin's over
The great speckled bird

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