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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wanda Jackson part 6................

And yet more Wanda!! ..........Part 6 (maybe about one more volume after this) :)

Slippin' and slidin'
So soon
Soldier's last letter
Song of the wind
Sparklin' brown eyes
Stand by your man
Step by step
Sticks and stones
Stop the world
Stupid cupid
Sweet nothings
Swinging doors
Take me home
Tears at the Grand Ole Opry
Tears will be a chaser for your wine
Tell it to your lonely walls
Tennessee Women's Prison X
The things I might have been
The tip of my fingers
There stands the glass
There's a party goin' on
There's a new moon over my shoulder
These empty arms
This gun don't care
This land is your land
This should go on forever
This time's the next time
Those were the days
Today I started loving you again
Together again
Tongue tied
To tell you the truth
Try a little kindness
Try me one more time
Tuck away my lonesome blues
Tweedle Dee
Two separate bar stools
Two wrongs don't make a right
Violet and the rose
Vom Winde Verweht

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