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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No pics from this years storm, yet, but a few more from '67...........


  1. Girl, you are all OVER the freakin' map.
    I jes know there are going to be musical bits (at the very simplest) that I can throw your way that would invoke seizures of joy at the very least.

    Do you hear me darlin'? What the fuck else mattter?

    "Maybe it's late but just call me."
    "Call me and I'll be around

  2. I was just at your site...very nice! Ya know, I have a question for you (and everyone). I have been trying to put a label widget on this page won't appear on the page. I've heard that others have had this problem, too. I've tried many different solutions, nothing has worked. Any suggestions? (I think that having a column of labeled posts would make searching so much easier for visitors).