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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Hawaiian music break....The music of Lani Mcintire and Dick Mcintire,,,,,,,,,,,

Lani McIntire (also known as McIntyre)

Lani McIntire, 15 December 1904 - 17 June 1951) was a Hawaiian guitar and steel guitar player who helped to popularize the instrument, which eventually became a mainstay in American country and western music.

McIntire achieved fame playing with Sol Hoopii in his "Novelty Trio" before heading his own acts, "Lani McIntire and his Aloha Islanders" and later, "Lani McIntire and his Hawaiians." His work with Jimmie Rodgers pioneered the Hawaiian guitar sound that laid the foundation for the steel guitar as a standard country instrument, influencing the likes of Hank Williams and Elvis Presley.

McIntire and his band also did a lot of work with Bing Crosby, notably on the original version of Blue Hawaii as well as Sweet Leilani, which was popularized in the 1937 movie, Waikiki Wedding, and won an Academy Award. McIntyre appeared in the films Dreams of Old Hawaii (1944), You're the One Rose (1943), Maui Chant (1943), and [[Paradise Isles (1943).

Dick McIntire

Dixon Ka 'aihue McIntire (04/06/1902 - 05/20/1951), made his mark as one of Hawaii's greatest steel guitarists. Dick recorded over 300 records backing Bing Crosby, Frances Langford, Ray Kinney, and Lena Machado, mostly on the Decca label, as well as featuring his own group, the Harmony Hawaiians. Dick McIntire's recordings embody the beautiful tone, perfect intonation, and above all the heart and feeling of a consummate Hawaiian steel guitarist. To this day, he still inspires many steel guitarists to emulate his beautifully expressive, distinctively legato style.

A few tunes.......

Across the sea-Dick Mcintire
Akaka Falls-Dick Mcintire
Aloha Kuu Ipo Aloha-Dick McIntire and Bing Crosby
Aloha Oe 2-Dick McIntire and Bing Crosby
Aloha Oe -Dick McIntire
Ama Ama-Lani McIntire
Anapau-Dick McIntire
Beautiful Kahana-Lani McIntire
Blue Hawaii-Lani McIntire And His Hawaiians with Bing Crosby
Dancing under the stars-Lani McIntire And His Hawaiians with Bing Crosby
Dreams of olf Hawaii-Lani McIntire
For you a Lei-Dick McIntire
Hawaiian paradise-Dick McIntire
Hawaiian sunset-Lani McIntire
Hoonanea-Dick McIntire
Hu'i E-Dick McIntire
Hula blues-Lani McIntire
I want to learn to speak Hawaiian-Lani McIntire
I'll come sailing home to you-Lani McIntire
In a little hula heaven-Lani McIntire
Ka Mea U'i-Dick McIntire
Kalua lullaby-Lani McIntire
Kalua-Lani McIntire
Kaneohe-Lani McIntire
Kolopa 2-Dick McIntire
Kolopa-Lani McIntire
La Cumparasita-Lani McIntire
La Rosita (alt take)-Lani McIntire
La Rosita-Lani McIntire
Leis for sale-Lani McIntire
Little Brown gal-Dick McIntire with Ray Kinney
When Hilo Hattie does the Hilo Hop-Dick McIntire

Lovely hula hands-Dick with Dorothy Lamour
Maikai wale no Kauai-Lani McIntire
Maile lau lii lii-Dick McIntire
Makala pua-Dick McIntire
Maui girl-Dick McIntire
My isle of golden dreams-Dick McIntire with Bing Crosby
My tane-Dick McIntire
Oh beautiful ka Ilima-Lani McIntire
Our parting day-Dick McIntire
Palace in paradise-Lani McIntire And His Hawaiians with Bing Crosby
Paradise isle-Lani McIntire
Pulupe-Dick McIntire
Remember Hawaii-Dick McIntire and his Harmony Hawaiians with Bing Crosby
Sail along silvery moon-Lani McIntire And His Hawaiians with Bing Crosby
Sing me a song of Hawaii-Lani McIntire
Soft green seas-Lani McIntire
Song of the islands-Dick McIntire
South sea island magic-Dick McIntire and his Harmony Hawaiians with Bing Crosby
South sea sweetheart-Lani McIntire
Sweet Leilani-Dick McIntire
Sweet leilani 2-Lani McIntire And His Hawaiians with Bing Crosby
To you sweetheart Aloha-Dick McIntire
To you sweetheart, Aloha-Dick McIntire and his Harmony Hawaiians with Bing Crosby
Trade winds-Dick McIntire and his Harmony Hawaiians with Bing Crosby
Ua like noa like-Lani McIntire
When you dream about Hawaii-Lani McIntire And His Hawaiians with Bing Crosby

 (above: poster from 1943)

Pics of Lani

 Dick with Sol Hoopi

Pics of Dick

I may be incorrect, but I believe this is the niece of Dick McIntire: also named Lani. Regardless, what a beautiful ʻohana  :) Nice video.....


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  2. Ahhh, Thanks!! I just just love the a little from here, and from there....I just put as much together as I could, posted it. I figured it would be nice to have a bunch available in one spot, especially for folks who maybe aren't familiar with either of them. My hopes are to turn people on to it :)

  3. I have a LOT more older Hawaiian stuff.....look for it :)

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  5. LOL! I love dumb slag, MAN!! My apologies....when I said I have a lot of older Hawaiian, and to look for it, I should have phrased it "look forward to seeing it". I actually did mean that I have a lot of in my collection of music, NOT that I had already posted it. But, however, you gave me a bit of inspiration.....I'll try to get a list of some stuff up this week, if I can. :)

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  7. Oh, wow....Hawaii Calls. I WISH I had some of that from radio. I don't, and I do believe that some is available, I just haven't tracked it down yet. I may have that same Singing Surfriders comp, but alas, that older stuff from Keli'i is really hard to find. Not too much available, although I do think that there are some CDs from the Cumquat label

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  9. There will be more from the vintage stacks!! lol

  10. You are correct in identifying the YouTube video. That is indeed Dick's and Lani's niece, Lani McIntire. She's their brother Alfred's daughter from his second marriage. I'm Alfred's great grandson by way of his first marriage.

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  12. If you have any more images, songs, or videos of Dick, Lani, or especially Alfred (my great-grandfather), I'd love to hear them. Please share. :)

  13. WOW! That is soooo cool! I am a major fan! I am so happy the people liked this post and the music....I just love seeing the comments as they come up. I don't have a lot more, but as I find it I will post it. I do notice, however, that after I do a post...folks start to "come out of the woodwork", if you will.....people start emailing me that they have other music, that sort of thing. It's like starting a snowball rolling down a hill....picks up speed..gets bigger :)

  14. Oh, by the way...there's going to be a number of Hawaiian tracks on my 'Music of 1940' lists that I'm posting now. Instead of a "Billboard" list, I'm trying to post what folks were actually listening to all over the country. Traditional Hawaiian music had a major effect on pop music and hear it's influence all over the it.

  15. Can someone PLEASE repost these collections of McIntire music? Thanks SO much. – SteveR, Philadelphia

  16. Seconded. I wish I'd grabbed them when i commented years ago.

  17. Baberella...are you still around? Can you please repost the McIntire music? Like this other guy above, I too want all this stuff. It seems a shame that this music is being overlooked now.