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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wanda Jackson Part 4

Part 4 (much more to come) of Ms. Wanda Jackson....

Makin' believe
Man, we had a party
May you never be alone
Mean mean man
Money honey
My baby left me
My big iron skillet
My days are darker than your nights
My destiny
My first day without you
My heart gets all the breaks
My testimony
Night life
No place to go but home
No wedding bells for Joe
Nobody's darlin' but mine
Oh Blacky Joe (German)
Oh Blacky Joe (Japanese)
Oh boy
Oh lonesome me (German)
Ohne Sterne Ist Der Himmel Leer
One day at a time
One Hundered Children
One minute past eternity
One teardrop at a time
The man you could have been
The more you see me less
Oh happy day
Oh lonesome me

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