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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hairspray 1988 John Waters......the REAL Soundtrack.

There was an "official" soundtrack from the 1988 classic, it was missing several songs in the movie. There was a later "unofficial" soundtrack online, containing the missing was still missing some of the

Here's my version of the entire soundtrack: (it contains "Waddle, waddle", by The Bracelettes, and "The Bird", by the Two Duo Tones....these aren't on either soundtrack....)

Enjoy! :)

I'm doing this list, because, in addition to being one of my fave film soundtracks of all's really almost a "best of 1962-63 list" (with the exception of the Rachel Sweet, and the Pia Zadora tracks).....great stuff, and a great dance list, too!! (And, this one's for my daughter....'cuz I orginally did this one for her....she didn't like the other soundtracks when she was trying to learn all the dances.....)

This one is for you, Sarah :)

**And no, baby.....this is NOT the soundtrack from the later musical version of Hairspray!!**

Dancin' party -Chubby Checker
Day-O -Pia Zadora
Do the New Continental-The Dovells
Duke of Earl-Gene Chandler
Foot Stompin'-The Flares
Gravy-Dee Dee Sharp
Hairspray-Rachel Sweet
Hide and go seek (Part 1)-Bunker Hill
I wish I were a princess-Little Peggy March
I'm blue(gong gong song)-The Ikettes
Let's twist again-Chubby Checker
Life's too short-The Lafayettes
Limbo rock-Chubby Checker
Mama didn't lie-Jan Bradley
Mashed potato time-Dee Dee Sharp
Nothing takes the place of you-Toussaint McCall
Pony time-Chubby Checker
Shake a tailfeather-The Five Duo-tones
The bird-The Duotones
The bug-Jerry Dallman and the Knights
The fly-Chubby Checker
The Madison time-Ray Bryant Combo
The roach-Gene and Wendell
Town without pity-Gene Pitney
Train to nowhere-The Champs
Waddle waddle-The Bracelettes
You don't own me-Lesley Gore
You'll lose a good thing-Barbara Lynn

Now......LET"S DANCE!!

The "Real Corny Collins Show"...The Buddy Deane Show.....Maryland TV


  1. Back in the 80's I saw Hank Ballard and the Midnighters perform The Twist and their other hits at the Horseshoe Tavern here in Toronto. They had a full band and they all had matching outfits and it was a fantastic time.

  2. Sounds fun :) I would've liked to have seen a show like that. I won't be online for a bit, I think...I may have to break down and go Mac....all these tech interruptions and issues with windows are killing me :(

  3. I purchase the DVD of "Hair Spray" great movie. It looked very authentic from the dances, they did. I inherited alot of 45's from my older brother and sister from that period. I remembered the dances at our home. They were all dressed up.
    I also notice your foto. You look like the blonde dancer on "Teen Time" video on youtube. You are the best dancer, that's for sure. You should check it out. You are dancing the Shing-a-ling to "Keep The Ball Roing" By Jay & the Techniques. Plus you do have a awesome site here.Ciao. Francisco ☺

  4. Thanks for the upload! I love Hairspray! Cheers From Costa Rica! I <3 John Waters!

  5. The link doesn't work. Could somebody send the link to my email. I would appreciate it

  6. Link worked fine for me....don't run into 4shared links out in the blogs often! Great posting!

    1. Hi, I am not able to access the links either. Do you have any helpful hints or info? Am I doing something wrong?? Each time I click on a download link it takes me to the RAR app rather than the zip file. I'd be so grateful for any help. I have been waiting for this soundtrack in it's entirety for two decades! Thank you and Happy New Year! :)

  7. Hi Barbarella!
    Unfortunately for me, the link is not downloading the file. Instead every "download" icon downloads the RAR expander app (which I don't need) and I am totally unable to access the music. I have always coveted the missing songs from this album and I am so close....
    Any info or help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thank you and Happy New Year!

  8. When Hairspray first came out it was just like stepping back into time. I remember doing most of those dances but there were a few songs that I'd never heard before. Took a long time to find them. I remember buying the video and all of us dancing in front of the TV. There was always a new dance for just about every song that came out back then and they were pretty much the same steps. Just improvised a little. Was crazy how we did that. The Twist and the Pony were HUGE dances. The Madison was always fun and still is.