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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wanda Jackson Part 3.............. :)

w/ Gene Vincent

Wanda Jackson Part 3

Yeah....there's still more!! we're only up to the letter "M" ;)

I gotta know
I may never get to heaven
I misunderstood
I need you now
I wanna waltz
If I cried every time you hurt me
If you don't somebody else will (w/ Billy Grey)
If you knew what I know
In the middle of a heartache
Is it wrong
It doesn't matter anymore
It's the same world (wherever you go)
Jealous heart
Jesus put a yodel in my soul
Just call me lonesome
Just queen for a day
Kansas City
Let me explain
Let me go lover
Let me talk to you
Let my love walk in
Little charm bracelet
Little things mean a lot
Lonely weekends
Long Tall sally
Lost weekend
Lovin' country style
The keeper of the key
The last letter

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