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Friday, February 18, 2011

Mitty Collier part 2................

Part 2..............Mitty Collier

(Lookin' out the window) Watching
I had a talk with my man
It looks like rain
Let them talk
Let's get together
Like only yesterday
Miss Loneliness
My babe
My party
No faith, n love
One more time
Sharing you
So little time
That'll be good enough for me
That's what a man is for
Walk away
Would you have listened
You're the only one


  1. Every time I see one like this I ask myself where you know it from, how you find out about this kind of relatively obscure artist.

    Then it occurs to me where you live and grew up. I know the local Toronto artists and hit singles from back when the same way. I was 'of an age.' 8<)

  2. Actually, my parents have a massive collection of great music, played instruments, and listened to a really wide variety of different types of tunes....I know most of these artists through what they were into, some 40 odd years ago, especially my mom.... She liked a lot of Chicago and Detroit R&B.