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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Screwed by Microsoft again...

Well, here I go again. I logged off this afternoon, after working all afternoon, Microft said it was going to doing a necessary update...pretty routine, I thought. No...not routine at all. The black screen of doom, upon reboot....apparently missing an essential file for starting windows. I will probably have to reinstall the OS, and will probably Lose a lot of files that I foolishly haven't yet backed up. I'll be back when I can, hopefully soon. I wish I could afford a Mac, 'cuz I am zoo done with fucking windows....I pound the he'll out of a system with the volume of work that I do. so I need a system that can stand up to what I put it through....sigh....see ya soon. :(


  1. YES! You should definitely get a Mac, couldn't live without mine. Try the Used section @
    Anyway, a big FU to Microsoft, I don't need a reason & here's something that might cheer you up.
    Even more obscure than Trudy Pitts, sadly. I think she only ever made one LP & there's no darn info about
    her anywhere, let alone a photo. Maybe you can help? Anyway, take it easy. Don't let your PC get ya down
    & hava happy valentines day! IVG

  2. Been there done that got waaaay too many of the f***ing t-shirts.
    I also foolishly did not back up some very important work last time I got clobbered.
    Lost 10 months of photography.

    Poor old thing. Sympathies and commiserations.

  3. reinstalling your OS should NOT cost you your files... do NOT format your drive, for then you will lose all of your files... re-install your OS on the same drive it is living on now... in the same folder, if you can... you will lose what's in that folder, but that is just OS stuff... note you may also have to reinstall some of the other programs you have on your system... I've got both a MAC and a PC... there are pluses and drawbacks for each... oh, and don't indiscriminately update your computer... once you getting it working nice leave MS in Redmond...

  4. Ouch! Get yourself a live Linux cd (ask a friend to download and burn a copy of Ubuntu or Puppy Linux for you). Load up the cd in your drive: it will "see" your Windows drive and all the data, and enable you to copy data over to your backup drive.

    Good luck.

    p.s. - I suppose you know this, but the Internet Archive - - has loads of good music - cleaned up '78's and even some cleaned up Edison reels!