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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Riffs with Miff........Miff Moler Pt. 2............

w/ Pee Wee Russell

A little more of Miff Mole.....

Here's an interesting bit from :

Miff Mole and his Molers was basically a pseudonym for Red Nichols Five Pennies. They used this name when recording for the Okeh Company. Red Nichols and Miff Mole were one of the most prolific recording teams in the 1920s. Their cool, thoughtful style sometimes called the New York School or Chamber Jazz, left many Jazz critics and musicians cold, but in retrospect I think you can hear that they were on to something. In many ways they were exploring similar ideas as George Gershwin was, but in a more hip and swinging way. Their version of Imagination is a successful example of what they were trying to do. It might not be the hottest Jazz in the world, but it is very chic and urbane, a little time capsule of 1920's sophistication. Things got a little rougher when the Austin High Gang blew into town fresh from Chicago on the 1929 tracks, with Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble and Windy City Stomp. Four other Molers songs were released as Sophie Tucker accompanied by Miff Moles Molers

Anyway....on toward the other selections......

Lucky little devil (vocal) 2-6-1930
Lucky little devil (instr.) 2-6-1930
Love and learn 2-10-1937
Mama's gone, goodbye  (Ray Miller Orchestra) 6-3-1924
 Moanin' low (From the musical - "The Little Show")  7-12-1929
My gal Sal 9-1-1927
Navy blues (instr.) 2-6-1930
Navy blues (vocal)  2-6-1930
The new twister  9-1-1927
On a little bamboo bridge w/ Midge Williams 2-17-1937
One step to heaven 7-6-1928
One sweet letter from you 4-15-1927 w/ Sophie Tucker
Original Dixieland One step 8-30-1927
Paradise found w/ Midge Williams
Prince of wails (w/ McKinney's Cotton Pickers)
There'll come a time (wait and see)  (Red Nichols  His Five Pennies) 3-29-1928
Shim-me-sha-wabble 7-6-1928
Slippin' around 10-12-1927 (Red and Miff's Stompers)
Some sweet day 1-26-1927
Somebody loves me (Ray Miller Orchestra)
The tap tap (Roger Wolfe Kahn Orch.) 1925
You took advantage of me 7-27-1928
You made me love you 9-24-1929
You're the cream in my coffee (From The musical "Hold Everything") 11-26-1928
That's a plenty 4-19-1929
Wild oat Joe (From - "The New" American)  11-26-1928
Where is that old girl of mine (Ray Miller Orchestra) 6-6-1924

I'm thinking that I may follow this one up with a Red Nichols list.....a lot of it will have Miff, and will fit in quite nicely with these last two lists. :)

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