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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Part 3....Wingy Manone

Here we are.........part 3.........Wingy Manone. Enjoy!

A fine romance 10-1-1936
A little door, a little lock, a little key  7-5-1935
A smile will go a long long way 8-27-1935
Takes two to make a bargin 8-27-1935
Tar paper stomp (Wingy's stomp) Barbecue Joe & His Hot Dogs 8-28-1930
Tar paper stomp 1930
The blues have got me 1935 The Harlem Hotshots
The broken record 1-28-1936
The Co-Ed Arcadian Serenaders 10-26-1925
The music goes 'round and round 12-18-1935
The tailgate ramble  Johnny Mercer w/ WM and his Dixieland band 1944
Tin roof blues Barbecue Joe & His Hot Dogs 9-19-1930
Tormented 4-9-1936
Trying to stop crying 12-17-1928 Joe "Wingy" Manone and his Club Royale Orch.
Up the country blues 1930 Barbecue Joe & His Hot Dogs 9-19-1930
Up the country blues Joe Manone's Harmony Kings 4-11-1927
Vine Street blues (from a 1943 Soundie v=Ann Lee)
Wailing blues 1-24-1930 The Cellar Boys
Walking the streets (until my baby comes home) 5-2-1934
Weary blues Barbecue Joe and his Hot Dogs 9-19-1930
When my sugar walks down the street
When the saints go marching in 9-6-1939
Yes, Sir, boss Arcadian Serenaders 10-26-1925
You are my lucky star 10-9-1935
You gotta know how Arcadian Serenaders 10-26-1925
You let me down From "Stars Over Broadway"   12-18-1935
You showed me the way 2-4-1937
You started me dreaming 4-9-1936
You're an angel 4-8-1935
You're not the kind 7-1-1936
Zero 10-3-1934


  1. One of my favorites. Thanks(anymore?)

  2. No. :( Just the three parts...that's about all I have of him. When I find more stuff, I usually try to get another post up, though :)