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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Strange, I was listening to this recording today, and had to find a vid of of my all time faves...

I have loved this song since I was a child, and almost no one ever seems to know it. It was a song that Brian Wilson wrote for the amazing Glen Campbell. (who, as most know, did a turn for awhile with the BBs). I think that was the Beach Boys on backing vocals, also. Anyway, I hadn't heard this for a long time, and was listening to it earlier.....I'm so glad I could find this video from when he performed it on Shindig.


  1. That's a nice song! I'd never heard it before. Thanks Barberella.

  2. I have to confess to a low Glen Campbell tolerence at the best of times, but this one is pretty good.

  3. It did take me a long time to come back around to liking a lot of his stuff. Maybe it was oversaturation as a kid? The hair, the TV show, that Ovation guitar, the rhinestone '70s, Nashvegas, Tanya Tucker Tabloid stuff...Branson... I don't know...didn't like him either. But I always did like some of his's like Neil Diamond for me. Some of those earlier songs are great guilty pleasure stuff. I have to say that viewing him as a musician helped. He really is an underrated guitar player, and if you listen to all his sideman work, as a member of the "Wrecking Crew".....he's good, IMHO. This song, though, my mom had it....loved it than and now. :)

  4. Oh fer goodness sakes send me an email.
    No hard feelings if not but me would love to share now and then when I come across summit . . .

    Cracked 3 ribs last night so the painkillers are giving me the courage to make this request, right?

    Like I said, no hard feelins if y'ignore it. Truly. Carry on.

  5. How'd you hurt your ribs? Feel better! I sent you an email, with my addy, but here it is again: :)