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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ooooo...for me?? smoking times 200?? and designed by Raymond Loewy?

No, wanna impress a girl with some Raymond Loewy? Give me a Studebaker Golden Hawk, baby.......... ;)


  1. In light of all that Phillip Morris crap a few years back these 40s and 50s campaigns seem even creepier to me.

    I saw a still of a wonderfully sanguine Ronnie Reagan shilling Chesterfields:

    Me? I stopped +7 weeks ago, finally.

  2. Me? I don't just smoke....sigh (or should I say **cough**??) I'm a pouch and papers gal. I dropped smoking my beloved Luckies a few years ago, in favour of rolling my own.....I'm just a disgusting human anachronism...........everyone else is cutting carbs, I'm busy wondering if when I go out tonight my Ronson or Zippo lighter that I just filled, will match the 20's Chicago Auto Club cigarette case I'm carrying in my purse...>>shakes head<< Btw, you'll be seeing Ronnie again in a few, when he gets posted, along with quite a few more old death stick ads that I'll be putting up in a bit :)

  3. Jesus!

    I have one friend who stayed out in B.C. back in the 70s who still smokes Drum rollies. He would be the only person I know who stuck with it.

    Do you guys get Drum down there? It is a particularly wicked strong, stinky (well, recognisably smelly anyhow) brand of Dutch tobacco.

    I HAD to stop. I was having trouble getting up and down stairs and stuff. *sigh*

  4. Funny! I'm not much of a Drum gal....they're a tad mellow for me....(God, I'm bad, aren't I??)I tend to stick with Midnight Special Red, and Bugler....Geesh, I sound like an old farmer...or an inmate in Cook County lockup..... ;)