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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One last clip of Baby Rose Marie.........


  1.'d we get from getting a Patti Page list to Baby Rose Marie!!! Come on...can the vaudville stuff and get hoppin' !!

    jes kiddin' :)

  2. That Patti list is a big one...pretty big. I'm working on it, while also doing the huge Fletcher Henderson one....Mama's gotta post SOMETHING other than just radio shows, in between whipping the elves, and forcing them to work harder on their music research..... ;)

  3. I got really slowed down doing detective work to find sources at a better quality than some tracks that I have of her earlier stuff. Some of my copies were in fairly bad couldn't do much with them, and I'm not even a big audiophile, so when I say BAD...they were REALLY