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Saturday, December 18, 2010

But, wait, there's more of "That singing Rage"....Miss Patti Page....part 2 of 3...............

Ms. Patti Page....with love....part 2

Yowsah!! I'm so glad everyone like the first part so well!! here is part 2....and stay tuned for the 3rd installment.........

A poor man's roses or a rich man's gold
At the river (Not exactly a Patti Page tune....Groove Armada with a Patti Page vocal sample from "Old Cape Cod"....I just love this...had to add it in)
I went to your wedding
I wish I'd never been born
If and when
Invitation to the blues
It's a sin to tell a lie
Jealous heart
Just a little bit South of North Carolina
Just because
Left right out of your heart
Let me call you sweetheart
Let me go, lover
Let the rest of the world go by
Let's cry together
Let's get away from it all
Lonely wine
Long long ago
Lost in a fog
Love for sale
Love letters
Lover come back to me
Mack the knife
Mama from the train...(yeah, I know..."Throw" Mama from the train....heheheee)
Memories of you
Mississippi mud
Mockin' bird hill
Moon river
Most people get married
Mountain greenery
Mr. and Mississippi
My kind of love
My prayer
My sin
My Yiddishe Mama (w/ Sophie Tucker)
Nice work if you can get it
No moon at all
Nobody's darlin' but mine
Now is the hour
O Danny boy
Oh what it seened to be
Old Cape Cod
On the inside
On the other side
Once in awhile
One of us will weep tonight
Ooo what you do to me
Our day will come
Out of nowhere
Poor little fool
Pretty boy lonely
Promise me Thomas
The lady is a tramp
The man I love
The masquerade is over

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