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Thursday, December 30, 2010

OTR New Year's Dancing Party AFRS 1945 This is a great one, kids :)

AFRS New Year's Dancing Party-December 31, 1945..swinging you into 1946 with live broadcasts from all over the country...Harry James, Count Basie, Freddy Martin, Woody Herman, Gene Krupa, Henry King, Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Dorsey, Les Brown, Artie Shaw w/ Roy Eldridge on trumpet, Stan Kenton w/ June Christy on vox, Tommy Dorsey, Carmen Cavallaro, Louis Prima, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, and Guy Lombardo.  This is a nice one.....enjoy! :)


  1. Hey thanks for the great New Year's Eve OTR. I have quite a few of these broadcasts but have not heard this one yet. And check out that pic of Times Square New Year's Eve (the black & white one). Any idea what year? How they managed to party without body scanners and security checkpoints is beyond me! :)

    Early request for next year...Rosemary Clooney.... sans Come On-A My House and Mambo Italiano thank you very much.

    Happy New Year Barbi...I wish you and yours all the best

  2. I think that B&W of Times Square was about 1938. Ahhh, Ms. Clooney!! I could do that...I have a lot of her. :) Glad you like the OTR....I love finding and posting those.

    Best in the new year to you, also :)

  3. Actually, that second pic of Times Square is later....gotta be New Years Eve 1954, based on that theatre marquee for "20,000 leagues under the sea", and for Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, in "3 ring circus". I'm pretty sure the first one is from '38, tho.

  4. Now why didn't I notice that? Maybe because I was born around that time and the eyes went south a few years ago. And maybe partaking in my fair share of New Year's celebrations.... many boomers do you suppose were the result of that party in the OTR pic? Who do you think the one with the carnation in her hair (front and center) is with? The guy that has his arm around her? Or the guy she has her arm around? Hmmmm....

  5. Happy New Year!

    Feel free to go to my blog: The whole broadcast can be found there.