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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The KNOW you can't help but give in to the urge ta dance right now!

The Dovells

The Dovells were an American music group, formed at Overbrook High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1957, under the name 'The Brooktones'. The members were Arnie Silver, Mark Gordesky, Len Borisoff, Jerry Gross, Mike Freda and Jim Mealey (alias Danny Brooks). Their first single was "No, No, No", which was a minor local hit for The Brooktones, who soon broke up. Summers and Dennis left the group, forming The Gems with Mark Stevens and Alan Horowitz in 1960. The remaining Brooktones signed to the Chancellor record label and added Jerry Serlen and William Shunkwiler to the group, while changing the band's name to The Dovells.
Their first hit was "Bristol Stomp", a dance song followed by the similar hit "Do the New Continental". "Bristol Stomp" sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc.  They appeared performing both songs in the Chubby Checker movie Don't Knock The Twist in 1961. They released a series of singles over the next few years. These included "You Can't Sit Down", a #3 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1963. Len Borisoff left in 1965 for a solo career under the name Len Barry. The high point of his solo career was "1-2-3" in 1965.
The Dovells continued as a trio, and recorded as The Magistrates for MGM in 1968.

I was listening to these songs last night, and had to post 'em for ya.....nothing rare, here, today....just some fun...enjoy!

The tunage:

Do the new Continental
I really love you
Bristol Stomp
Hully Gully baby
Bristol twistin' Annie
I want you to be my girl
Ah Choo!
Betty in bermudas
The jitterbug
In the still of the night
Kissin' in the kitchen
Dance the Frog
Little bitty pretty one
Letters of love
The clock
Lockin' up my heart
The actor
Little girl of mine
Foot stompin'
Jim Dandy
Let's twist again
Baby work out
Hey, beautiful
Miss Daisey De Lite
Country club hully gully
If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
Havin' a good time
Hully gully
Be my girl
Don't come back
Happy Birthday just the same
Dragster on the prowl
Hearts are trump
Little white house

You can't sit down
Two people in the world
Stop monkeyin' aroun'
Why do fools fall in love
Short fat Fannie
Stompin' everywhere
Trickle trickle
Your last chance
Mope-itty mope stomp
To make a long story short
Three coins in the fountain
There goes my baby
Windwood days
Oh what a night
Save me baby
No no no
One potatoe
Summer job
Watusi with Lucy
You can't run away from yourself
Why not you
Out in the cold again
Stop, look and listen
What in the world's come over you


  1. An unlikely spot to make a shift like this but it is the most recent post so you will probably notice.
    AB-solutely nothing to do with the Dovells.
    This is a fine collection of toonage BTW.
    Say Dovells and I immediately think 'You Can't Sit Down' cuz that was the first year I really started to pay attention to the hit parade.

    Anyhoo . . .
    d'ya like bop or is that past yer point of purview where the jazz is concerned?

    Check this out if you like early bop. Was looking for Billy Bauer (me play guitar) and found a bunch of other stuff.
    I had forgotten how influential Konitz and Tristano were:

    Her blog's kinda interesting too in an INTENSE sort of way.

  2. I've got some of the Quintet/Sextet stuff....Yeah, I actually do listen to quite a bit of jazz from late '40s-mid '60s. I haven't been listening to much of it lately, because I've been putting so much listening time into what goes on here. I guess one of the reasons that I don't post a lot of it, is that there are a lot of blogs that are devoted to it, especially Bop...and probably do it better than I would. Basically, I focus on what I do post because not so many people post these artists...they write about them, but don't go dig out the actual music and share it. Anything you'd like to see, tho...let me know...I might have it, and would be happy to share :)

  3. Naw, it's perfectly okay. Yer point is completely on the $$$.
    Keep doing what sets you apart--lord knows there ain't many blogs like yers around.

  4. And on point here (I am sure you will have something to offer on this notion), do we have any idea how imposterous it has become to find those old early 60s skinny ties? The Dovells were 'sharp' weren't they?

    When I was younger I had a few that I grabbed while there was still a rag trade of sorts in Toronto, but mine are all long since worn out.

    I loved them; they all had 'Union Made' tags on 'em, good fabric too.

    Actually I think there was a minor trade in Chicagger as well was there not, like making haberdashery stuff 'n' the like?

  5. I believe in "anything goes"....any genre, as long as it SWINGS. I want to post what folks were actually listening to, here, and abroad....not what we like to think average folks were into, or should have been into, as seen from our current knowledge base. So, be it "sweet" dance orchestras, Yiddish swing, vocal harmony groups, "race" music, radio shows, schmaltz, hot jazz, German and British dance bands.....if I'm not seeing much of it online, I'll try to find and post it. My sources aren't always the greatest, and bit rates and quality can be low....but, I'm more into documenting than aiming at being an audiophile....if folks like it....I'm cool with it :)

  6. Ya know....I believe it was us idiots (like me) in the early '80s....into punk, rockabilly, and new wave...who decimated the available vintage clothes market. Seriously. Not that much good and original is available at any reasonable price today. What's left is being snatched up by nouveau swing dancers, and rockabilly/greaser "lifestylists", on eBay, for ridiculous prices. I was lucky that my anal-retentive father, boxed and dated all his old ties and such, so I had stuff to raid for my college wardrobe.....I agree though....other than having a tailor make you a '60s narrow lapel/3 button/tie/Cuban heel boots swingin' ain't gonna come cheap, fer sure!

  7. Oh, just so ya know..........I did find a copy of some live Lennie Tristano Quintet stuff.......I'll get that up soon :)

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