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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We were watching John Water's "Hairspray" (1988) last night, while decorating the Xmas tree.....

Soooo, we're decorating the tree, and Sarah wants to watch Hairspray (no...NOT the newer version!)....she, being 12) is mortified by her parents ever singing or dancing, or, for that matter...breathing.  Well, you can't play songs from 1962, without your parents (who, I might add, have been drinking brandied egg nog) suddenly remembering these dances they learned as a kid. Now I learned these dances from my mom, and I wasn't even born until '64....but Bruce.....he graduated from high school in ' these dances were right up his Junior High school alley! He remembers them ALL, and dances them very well, I night add. Sarah was DYING from embarrassment!! It was EXCELLENT!! She'll appreciate it some day....just like I remember hating having to listen to my Dad's big band 

Anyhow....I was listening to the Dovells later in the evening, I still love almost everything they naturally there will be a list up of them in a few....enjoy this for now :)

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