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Friday, December 31, 2010

A nice little OTR treat to close out the year...John Kirby and His Orch. w/ Maxine Sullivan Apr 21, 1940

One of the truly great vocalists of the swing era, Maxine Sullivan (along with her husband - the great bandleader John Kirby), had the unique distinction of being the first Black Jazz stars to have their own weekly radio show.

The first episode, and it's REAL nice :)

I hadn't heard any John Kirby on radio, so this one's a treat.  "Flow gently sweet rhythm", on Sunday night...CBS-April 21, 1940.  Maxine Sullivan, the Golden Gate Boys, and John Kirby's Orch.  A half hour of some interesting, small group, intensely swingin' tunage.

I'm liking this b'cast muchly, I think you'll groove on it, too. :)

I'm a thinking that playing this one a little loud, just after the Midnight 2011 clock strikes is a good way to bring in that new year........(well, if there's not a big ol party in your domicile....this is kinda chillin' stuff)