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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fletcher Henderson.....part 2

Here comes part 2 of the huge Fletcher Henderson got a bit derailed by the holidays, but I'm trying to get back into the groove...........enjoy!

'D' natural blues 3-14-1928
Darktown has a gay white way  1-1924
Dear, on a night like this 1927 (F.H.'s Collegians)
Dicty blues 8-7-1923
Dinah 1-6-1926
Dixie moon 1923
Do you or don't you love me 5-23-1936 v=Teddy Lewis
Do-doodle-oom 10-1923 (as The Seven Brown Babies)
Don't forget you'll regret by day 10-10-1924
Don't let the rhythm go to your head 1938
Down south camp meeting 9-12-1934
Downhearted blues 6-28-1923
Dynamite 4-14-1926 (As The Dixie Stompers) v=Don Redman
Easy money blues 12-12-1928
Everybody loves my baby 1 (w/ Louis Armstrong) 11-24-1924
Everybody loves my baby 2 (w/ Louis Armstrong) 11-24-1924
Feelin' good (from "Rain Or Shine")   4-6-1928 (As The Dixie Stompers)
Feeling the way I do 4-1924
Fidgety feet 3-19-1927  (As The Dixie Stompers)
Florida stomp (As The Dixie Stompers) 12-22-1925
Forsaken blues 9-24-1924
Freeze and melt 4-1929
Get it fixed 12-22-1925 (As The Dixie Stompers) v=Don Redman
Go 'long mule 10-7-1924 (w/ Louis Armstrong)
Goodbye blues 1932 (As The Connie's Inn Orch.)
Goose pimples 10-24-1927 (As The Dixie Stompers)
Grand Terrace rhythm 5-23-1936
Great Ceasar's ghost 1937
Happy as he day is long 9-11-1934 featuring Ben Webster
Happy feet 1932
Hard hearted Hannah 7-1924
Hard-to-get Gertie 3-22-1926
Harlem madness 3-6-1934
Have it ready 1  1-20-1927 (As The Dixie Stompers)
Have it ready 2   1-22-1927
Hay foot straw foot 12-7-1925
He's the hottest man in town  9-8-1924
Henderson stomp 11-3-1926
Hi-diddle diddle 3-22-1926
Hocus Pocus 3-6-1934
Honeybunch 3-29-1926
Honeysuckle Rose 12-9-1932
Hop off 1 9-14-1928
Hop off 2 (as Louisiana Stompers) 1927
Hop off 3 11-4-1927
Hot 'n' anxious 3-19-1931
Hot mustard 12-6-1926
Hotter 'n hell 9-25-1934
Houston blues 6-21-1924
How am I doin' hey hey 1932 (As Connie's Inn Orch.)
How come you do me like you do 1 (w/ Louis Armstrong) 11-17-1924
How come you do me like you do 2 (w/ Louis Armstrong) 11-17-1924
How come you do me like you do 3 (w/ Louis Armstrong) 11-17-1924
The gouge of Armour Avenue 7-31-1924 (As  Henderson's Club Alabam Orch.)
The House of David blues 1931 (As Connie's Inn Orch.)


  1. I'm in heaven here, girl!!!

    This massive list is WORTH the wait and your care in the sound quality.

    GREAT stuff!

  2. Thanks :) Ummmmmmmm.......only 5 more lists of him to go. Seriously....I have a LOT of Henderson.

  3. There's never too much of a good thing. 'F' moderation!

  4. That's pretty much the principal I operate on...*burp*....Oh, you mean music?? lol!