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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Back atcha with Part II of the Fats Waller list.........

More of the big man for ya on a Thursday afternoon.......

Let's not waste anytime with mere words..........let's get right to the tunage, shall we??

London Suite-Piccadilly 6-13-1939
Muscle Shoals blues 10-21-1922 (as Thomas Waller)
Serenade for a wealthy widow 9-28-1934 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
London Suite-Chelsea 6-13-1939
London Suite-Soho 6-13-1939
Really fine 3-16-1942 (F.W., His Rhythm and His Orch.)
London Suite-Bond Street  6-13-1939
Mandy  9-28-1934  (F.W. and His Rhythm)
Let's pretend there's a moon 9-28-1934 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
London Suite-Limehouse   6-13-1939
Mama's got the blues 1922 (w/ Sara Martin)
Last go 'round blues 1922 (w/ Sara Martin)
London Suite-Whitechapel 6-13-1939
Oh! Frenchy 1939 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
Smoke dreams of you 1939 (pipe organ)
(I wish I could shimmy) like my sister Kate 1923 (w/ Anna Jones)
Romance a la mode 1942 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
I adore you 11-29-1936 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
I used to love you (but it's all over now) 6-28-1939 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
If it isn't love     11-7-1934 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
I'm sorry I made you cry 12-24-1936  (F.W. and His Rhythm)
Squabbling blues 1923 (w/ Sara Martin and Clarence Williams)
Old Grand Dad 4-11-1940 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
In Harlem's Araby 1924 (w/ Porter Grainger)
Please keep me in your dreams  12-24-1936 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
Slightly less than wonderful (V-Disc)
Little curly hair in a high chair (From the MGM film "Forty Little Mothers")  4-11-1940 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
It's so nice it must be illegal (V-Disc)
One in a  million 12-24-1936  (F.W. and His Rhythm)
Square from Delaware 1939
Maybe someday 1924 (w/ Hazel Meyers)
Nero 12-24-1936  (F.W. and His Rhythm)
It's the tune that counts 1939
I can't break the habit of you 2-22-1937 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
Send me Jackson 1939 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
Nobody knows de trouble I seen 1926 (Alta Browne & Bertha Powell)
Solitude (V-Disc)
I couldn't hear nobody praying 1926 (Alta Browne & Bertha Powell)
It's you who taught it to me 1939
Night wind 1-5-1935 (F.W. and His Rhythm) (organ)
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child (V-Disc)
My mommie sent me to the store 1939
Mama's losin' a mighty good chance 1926 (w/ Caroline Johnson)
A porter's love song to a chambermaid 5-16-1934  (F.W. and His Rhythm)
I ain't got nobody   12-1-1927 (pipe organ)
I ain't got nobody 2  6-11-1937 (instr)
I can't give you anything but love 2-22-1937 (w/ Una Mae Carlisle )
I can't give you anything but love 2  8-28-1938
I got rhythm 13-4-1935 (F.W. His Rhythm and His Orch.)
I simply adore you  4-12-1938 (F.W. and His Orch.)
I won't believe it til I hear from you 1938
(The reefer song) If you're a viper 1943
It's a sin to tell a lie 6-5-1936 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
I've got a crush on you 1939 (w/ Lee Wiley)
Jive 1938 (pipe organ)
Just had to do it 1938 (b'cast)
Keepin' out of mischief now 6-11-1937
Last night a miracle happened 1938
Lenox Avenue blues 11-17-1922 (pipe organ)
Loveless love 1-14-1927 (pipe organ)
Lulu's back in town 5-8-1935 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
Muskrat ramble 1938 (w/ Louis Armstrong)
My very good friend the milkman 6-24-1935 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
Numb fumbling 3-1-1929
Old plantation 3-18-1937 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
San Antone 4-9-1937 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
Savannah blues 5-20-1927 (Thomas Waller w/ Morris' Hot Babies) pipe organ
Hold tight (I want some seafood mama) 1-19-1939 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
Shortnin' bread 1940 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
Someone to watch over me 1939 (w/ Lee Wiley)
Soothin' syrup stomp 1-14-1927 (pipe organ)
Squeeze me 8-10-1939 (F.W. and His Rhythm)
The jitterbug waltz  3-16-1942 (F.W. His Rhythm and His Orch.)
The joint is jumpin'  
(The reefer song) If you're a viper
The sheik of Araby 1 1938
The sheik of Araby 2 1938


  1. These are incredible. Great to hear all the tunes by the man himself.

  2. Covers of his tunes are always great, but him doing them....he was brilliant and hilarious.