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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby Rose Marie....a tiny little list..........I don't have many of her songs

Rose Marie

Rose Marie (born August 15, 1923) is an American actress. As a child performer she had a successful singing career as Baby Rose Marie.
A veteran of vaudeville, Rose Marie's career includes film, theater, night clubs, and television. Her most famous role was television comedy writer Sally Rogers on the CBS situation comedy The Dick Van Dyke Show. She later portrayed Myrna Gibbons on CBS's The Doris Day Show and was also a frequent panelist on the game show Hollywood Squares.

Rose Marie Mazetta was born in New York City, New York to Italian-American Frank Mazzetta and Polish-American Stella Gluszcak. At the age of three, she started performing under the name "Baby Rose Marie." At five, Marie became a radio star on NBC and made a series of films.
Rose Marie in her teenage years was a nightclub performer before becoming a radio comedian. She was billed then as "The Darling of the Airwaves." According to her autobiography, Hold the Roses,  she was assisted in her career by many members of the Mafia, including Al Capone and Bugsy Siegel. She performed at the opening night of the Flamingo Hotel which was built by Siegel. 
At her height of fame as a child singer (late 1929-1934), she had her own radio show, made numerous records, and was featured in a number of Paramount films and shorts. In 1929, the 5- or 6-year old singer made a Vitaphone sound short titled "Baby Rose Marie the Child Wonder," (now restored and available in the Warner Brothers DVD set of The Jazz Singer). For her first recording session, in 1932, she was accompanied by Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra.She continued to appear in films through the mid-1930s, making shorts and a feature, International House with W. C. Fields, for Paramount. Even as a ten-year-old in International House, Rose Marie’s singing had a maturity that was remarkable. She could punctuate a phrase with a lusty growl that would be remarkable in a singer twice her age.'s the few songs that I have.....enjoy!

Don't be like that 1929
Gonna leave your gal 1934
My bluebird is singing the blues 1933 w/ Victor Young's Orch.
My bluebird is singing the blues 2  
Say that you were teasing me 1932 w/ Fletcher Henderson's Orch.
Take a picture of the moon 1932 w/ Fletcher Henderson's Orch.


  1. yeah! one puts Baby inna corner!! (well, if there's a piano in the corner, ta stand on)....