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Friday, December 31, 2010

An excuse to post pics of Eve Arden...well, also because of a New Years "Our Miss Brooks" OTR..... :)

Yes, I know...(I hear laughing, already)...I'm the ultimate dork. I had a massive crush on Eve Arden as a child. The voice, the sarcasm, the face...the best one liners and comebacks in the history of movies....*sigh*.  I still think she was a hella sexy woman (shaddup alla youse in da peanut gallery)....'s a New Year's OTR treat for y'all.........."Our Miss Brooks"-January 1, 1950. Ep. 73 "Babysitting on New Year's Eve" (geesh, sounds like the story of my life....I haven't had an adult New Years in a dog's age)


Oh, the pics.........I cannot forget the pics!!

To quote Ida (Eve), in "Mildred Pierce":   "Personally, Veda's convinced me that alligators have the right idea. They eat their young" ;)


  1. Mmmmmm. Funny, smart, gorgeous.

    Proves my point...funny, smart ladies are HOT!

  2. Thank you for posting these pics of Eve. I had the great good fortune to work for her during the last 8 years of her life. She was a wonderful person, great sense of humor, great taste in art, had a beautiful home that she decorated in wonderful style. Lived a great life and had a great love.

  3. Well, I do believe she was a comic genius. Her timing, her delivery...her body language. She was one of those actresses that everyone loved, everyone grew up with. Thanks for sharing that :)