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Friday, December 31, 2010

Fletcher Henderson Part 3.......4 more ta go.... :)

Here comes part 3 of 7.......more Fletcher Henderson. (Is there ever enough?? lol)

(I've been) saving myself for you From "Grand Terrace Review" V= Chuck Richards
I found a new baby (As The Dixie Stompers) 1926
I miss my Swiss 1925(w/ Louis Armstrong)
I need lovin' 11-19-1926
I never care 'bout tomorrow     9-8-1924
I wanna count sheep 3-10-1932
I want somebody to cheer me up 1-6-1926
I want to see a little more of what I saw in Arkansas 1-6-1926
I'll always be in love with you 4-9-1936
I'll see you in my dreams (w/ Louis Armstrong) 1-12-1925
I'll take her back if she wants to come back 5-19-1925
I'm a fool for loving you 4-9-1936
I'm coming Virginia 5-11-1927
I'm feelin' devilish (Oh By Golly Oh) (As The Dixie Stompers) 4-6-1928
I've found what I wanted in you 2-5-1931
If it's the last thing I do 1937-38
If you should ever leave 1937-38
I'm gonna see you (when your troubles are just like mine) 12-1923 (As F. H. and His Sawin' Six)
It won't be long 1-1924 (As henderson's Club Alabam Orch.)
It's the darndest thing (from "Singin' The Blues") 10-15-1931
It's the little things that count 1937-38
It's the talk of the town 9-22-1933
It's wearin' me down 1937-38
Jackass blues 1926 (As The Dixie Stompers) 5-14-1926
Jackass blues 2 1926
Jangled nerves 4-9-1936
Jealous 5-1924
Jim Town blues
Just blues 1924
Just blues 1931
Keep a song in your soul 12-2-1930
King Porter stomp 3-14-1928 6
King Porter stomp 8-18-1933 2
Kitty on toast 1941
Knock knock who's there V= Roy Eldridge and Edward Cuffee
Let 'er go V= Jerry Blake  9-22-1937
Let me introduce you to my Rosie 1-6-1926
Limehouse blues 9-11-1934
Livery stable blues 4-29-1927
Liza  9-25-1934
Lonesome journey blues 12-1923 (As F. H. and His Sawin' Six)
Lots o mama 1-29-1924 (As henderson's Club Alabam Orch.)
Low down on the bayou 08-?-31

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