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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A tad fed up with Beer snobs....but, what the's a holiday!! :)

I grew up in Flint, Michigan. Not precisely the culture hub of the universe. I've lived in Chicago for many years, now, but I make no pretenses as to my beginnings.  If anything, I'm quite proud of my roots. 


I grew up around Stroh's, PBR, Schlitz...the occasional Miller, seasonal German Bocks, and even homemade from neighbors.  Christ, I'm from hale and hearty Michigan/Canadian Scottish and German stock....we like our beer and such.  As far as I can imagine, most of you grew up with similar local favourites, also.  Do any of you know beer snobs? You know, the folks who wouldn't be caught dead with a domestic American brew in their hand?? Granted, I do like microbrews and imports. I'm not denying that.  I guess my point is that I am not a beer snob.  When the situation calls for a cold one, I drink what is handed to me....and quite often I am satisfied.

Tonight, I was out doing the last of the holiday shopping.  Soooo, I'm in Walgreens. They have a store-brand beer, called Big Flats 1901 Premium Brew Lager Beer.
Sounds a tad iffy, right?

Hmmmmm.......$2.99 a six......had to try that.

Soooo, I get up to the register. I bump into a friend, who, of a big beer snob.  Now even though she's the type to spend $10-15.00 for a six of some fairly exotic microbrew, I seem to recall that at the end of any party we've both attended over the years, she just as ass-dragging, knee-walking wasted as someone who drinks the average swill. 

She had quite the amused attitude at my purchase. "Wow, before payday?? heh heh heh..."
Yeah, ok, whatever.  My point is....not the best, not the worst. Beer. At $2.99 a six.....rather decent. Not unlike the lagers that I remember folks drinking when I was a kid. And, hey, at the same price as Ice beer or a nasty can't really go wrong.  Seriously, after six or so of these, can't much go wrong in the universe regardless, eh?? ;)
And on that note...........have a lovely evening, all.....hope you enjoy part 5 of the holiday music, and when you awake tomorrow, my best wishes are with you for a lovely Christmas Eve.

My day will be consumed with cooking, and 2 masses at St. Gerts, one of which my daughter is singing in at 5 PM.  I hope to get on here and post a few things, but if I miss you.....I wish you all the best. And, again, a big THANK YOU to everyone who visits, reads, comments, requests.....I really appreciate you all so very much. :)


  1. Up here in Canada, we're all beer snobs in a way....we like all Canadian beers (except maybe Blue)...there's a song that goes, "I got a 12 and a 6 pack too, I drink 50 and I don't drink Blue, stumblin drunk, stumblin drunk, 18 beers and I'm stumblin drunk". When I was a kid, my dad used to make jokes about American beer (which these days I can drink, no problem). He'd say, "son, they sent a batch of American beer out to be tested to find out what they actually put in that stuff....and it came back with a note that said, this horse should not be worked". (hehe)
    Anyway, let me just say that I really appreciate your blog, and your vast knowledge of so much fantastic music. I have to catch up on the last couple weeks - I've been pretty busy - but I will for sure after Christmas.
    I wish you and yours a fantastic Christmas!

  2. Thanks!! I hope yours is a great one!

  3. I'm not too choosey when it comes to beer....pretty much anything is better than Schaefer and Rheingold which is what I started out with back in the day. Thank you for a great blog and I'd like to wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas.

  4. Well, tonight it's a straight up Dark 'N Stormy (British Royal Navy rum and Jamaican ginger beer)Christmas Eve. We got back from the first Mass of the night a few ago (Sarah sang well, and all is well in opera diva world again). Presents are opened (the German thing...why wait 'til morning?, life is GUT!! Dinner awaits, along with Midnight Mass....I love Christmas! Thanks again for all the wonderful comments and visits.....Have an absolutely wonderful holiday!!

  5. Must be the antidote to Fat Tire Beer (Not sure you get that in the Windy City.)MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  6. We do get it's a good ale :) Actually, I think both names are a bit

  7. I'm from San Diego, so domestic beer is pretty damn good, but my beer of choice? is Simpler Times (we call it Hard Times) from Trader Joe's at $3 a sixer, (Minhas Brew, for the beer snobs). Big Flats - wallet's flat. Hey, who cares if it tastes OK. Anyway, I've enjoyed your selection of Christmas Frenzy, and I'm looking forward to hearing Bucketful of Soul, scratches and all. Thanks

  8. Thanks, hon....working on getting that together with "Bucket"....might be a bit...sorry.