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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A few holidayisms for the day.........

Christmas in July.....Chicago
Paulette Goddard (Marion Pauline Levy)....doing the "Hollywood" thing....celebrating Christmas, not wanna see of pic of her spinning the dreidle, damnit!


  1. A Christmas gift for you....

    This will fit in with your recent holiday postings but not most of the era(s) of (great)music that you post. This is not only one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time but one of my favorite songs period just because of the wonderful voice that sings it. Her name is Darlene Love and this is the song...

    If you don't know of her (I suspect that you do)she was part of Phil Spector's Wall of Sound productions. She sang lead on a few songs but more likely was heard in the background with her group the Blossoms on numerous hits and songs from, say, 1960 to 68. Here she is with Aretha!

    That's the Shindig house band (with Billy Preston on piano). Those guys are playing like...'wow...we finally got some singers here' lol. Btw..Darlene is the middle one and check her out when Aretha decides to turn this little pop song inside out.

    Now here is Miss Love quite a few years later singing Christmas, Baby Please Come Home on Lettermen.

    Still has it doesn't she? I don't know how that audience stayed in their seats. This has become a tradition and I think she will be on Letterman Dec. 23rd. Anyway....I posted this to honor the fact that Darlene Love has finally been inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame. Hope you don't mind that I veered somewhat from your normal musical tastes and postings. Hope you like it.

  2. Thanks for that :) Tonight, I've been raiding the of the LPs for the holidays that I was gonna post is the Phil Spector one from '63....I'll get that one up quick for ya :)

    Oh, and especially thanks for that Aretha link....I'd actually never seen that clip...perfection!

    And, yeah.....Darlene didn't lose a thing with the years..... ;)