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Friday, December 3, 2010

Having fun with a new "old" cookbook.............

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love my collection of vintage cookbooks and mixology books.  I have a new one I'm enjoying. It's a copy of the Malt Marrow Cook Book, also called "Recipes of Quality".  I had seen copies of this before, but with a different cover. (see link below), and it is listed on in a reprint.

McAvoy Brewing Co. was located at 2349 S. Park Ave. in Chicago. They manufactured both Malt Marrow, and Alma Mater Beer. This cookbook dates to 1912. Though dated 1912, this might be a printing from a few years later, as the cover differs from other copies I've seen.

Granted, this book dates to the days when dinner and supper were two entirely different things....and when dinner mean at least two to three separate meat courses, in addition to the rest of the meal.

For example, here's a typical dinner suggestion:

Olives  Celery  Radishes
Blue  Points on the Half Shell
Onion Soup a la Savarin
Fillet de Sole      Cucumbers
Crown of Lamb
Fresh Vegetables      Potato Balls
Breast of Chicken a la Sam Ward
Asparagus Vinagrette
Peach Melba      Ice Cream
Roquefort au Port

Ummmm..Dang! Defibrillator in the house?
But, seriously, the book actually has a lot of excellent recipes, from appetizer to dessert. One of the more interesting advertising cookbooks that I've seen from the era.  If you ever chance upon a copy, I recommend checking it out.


  1. My late uncle Harold wrote a cookbook back in the early 70s called Haute Cuisine without help (by Harold Knapik). If you ever stumble upon it, that's my dad's brother. As well as being an amazing cook, he was also a piano prodigy among other things.

  2. You a funny woman.
    I've been forwarding yer URL around to friends. Some of these entries just crack me up as well as being informative.
    I looked at that dinner card and I was already saying ** 'urp' ** in my mind by the time I got to yer defib line.

  3. That's a mouthful of a title (hehehhee), "Haute Cuisine without help". Of course, just by mentioning that, you know I will probably go in search of it :)

  4. Gee, Thanks, Pahprint! Trust, me....that cookbook does have some really good, as well as some really odd (well, to US, now, I guess) stuff in it. :)

  5. Actually I just found a copy of this exact book at a garage sale in Flossmoor. Really cool!!