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Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'mma throw sumpin' different atcha next....some Hackberry Ramblers......

I've got a fair amount of their stuff off of old looking for that one pretty soon.


  1. Even when they sing en Francais, I think of these guys as being a really un-Cajun Cajun group. Their sound has more of a country or old-time feel to my ears, compared to many Cajun groups. The absence of accordion seems to accentuate this. None-the-less I think they were a terrific outfit.
    We have a pretty good Cajun band up here in Toronto by the way: Swamperella

  2. I usually think of them almost more western swing in some of their songs on 78. I have a fair amount of them, and haven't seen anyone else posting it...thought I'd be a nice change of pace. I have quite a bit of old, more trad Cajun stuff.....any requests?

  3. Requests:
    Aldus Roger and the Lafayette Playboys
    Lawrence Walker
    Dennis McGee
    The Balfa Brothers
    Belton Richard you have zydeco material as well?...I used to have an autographed recording by Fernest Arsenault and the Thunders that he signed for me when he played the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto back in the 80s...wish I still had that one. Also early Boozoo Chavis would be great.....and if you collect Swamp Pop too, how about some Johnnie Allan? Dangerous business, asking for requests...I feel like a kid in a candy store when I visit over here, haha.

  4. oops...That's Fernest Arceneaux, not Arsenault. Losing brain cells too fast.

  5. Hmmm......I could start with some Aldus Roger, and some Lawrence

  6. Hey, I'm gonna post the Lawrence Walker, and Aldus Roger stuff I have....I found a site for you...maybe you know it: . You might find some good stuff there, too. :)