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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween dance party mix..........

This oughtta put some kick into yer candy-handin' outtage.......have some fun wid 'dis

Charlie Feathers-
That certain female
Ray Bryant Combo-
Madison time
Sid King and the Five Strings-
Let 'er rip
Billy Barnett-
Romp and stomp
Chubby Checker-
Dancin' party
Sonee West-
Rock-Ola Ruby
The Gee-Cees-
Buzzsaw twist
Charlie Gracie-
Guitar boogie
Bunker Hill-
Hide and go seek pt 1
Leroy Washington-
Wild cherry
Al garris-
That's all
Wanda Jackson-
There's a party goin' on
Ron Haycock & The Boppers-
99 chicks
Johnny Kidd and the Pirates-
Shakin' all over
The Belairs-
Mr. Moto
The Five Duo-tones-
Shake a tailfeather
Sandy Nelson-
Johnny Green
Little Eva
Wayne Williams-
Red hot mama
Johnny Copeland-
Rock and roll Lily
The Champs-
Train to nowhere
That's it
Betty McQuaid-
Tongue tied
The Imps-
Uh Oh
Tight skirt tight sweater
Gene and Wendell-
The roach
Jett Powers-
My trouble
Portuguese Joe-
Teenage riot
Jerry Dallman & the Knightcaps-
The bug
Deadly Ones-
Monster surfing time
Ron Thompson-
Dean & Jean-
Tra la la Suzie
Bill Haley-
I just don't understand (Ann-Marget cover)

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