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Friday, October 15, 2010

A little more Old Radio Programming.....Cary Grant in a 1950 "Suspense" episode...for Halloween... ;)

Cary Grant, in an episode from the radio series, "Suspense", originally broadcast on Nov. 16, 1950, called "On a country road"..... (also featuring Cathy Lewis, and Jeanette Nolan)

You are driving along a country road. The traffic is starting to back-up and a storm is brewing. All you need to complete the scene is a lunatic on the run after butchering a doctor, a nurse and a ward attendant with a meat cleaver in the nearby mental hospital. This is a classic killer-on-the-loose story starring Cary Grant and a superb example of just how gripping old time radio shows can be.

Happy almost Halloween ! :)


  1. A request...I'm familiar with the charming Alberta Hunter's later career but I don't know the pre-retirement stuff. Got any? :)

  2. I do have some.....hmmmm....the other day I was going through some Fats Waller that I have, and found some of her stuff with him. I know that I have more. I'll go a-huntin' :)

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