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Friday, October 22, 2010

I'se a muggin' (yeah, I know...any excuse for a bad pun....)

Pics for tonight.....(now don't any of y'all write in complaining that it's your Grandmother and I'm airing your families' dirty laundry or whatever)


  1. May I venture to say that I think it's more of a don't than a DOOooooo??

  2. The Hon. Miss Janice Rhodes, of Downwind Farm, Pa. regrets that her prior "commitment" prevented her from attending the horticultural society benefit the other evening....she was rather disappointed that she couldn't contribute to the musical programme with her famed Musical saw, jug and kazoo interpretation of that renown folk classic, "In the jailhouse now".....

  3. Lopsided and wiggy as it is, it's still not as extreme as a beehive though ... as sported by Gary Larson's ladies, or those two English songbirds Alma Cogan and Amy Winehouse (RIP).