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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vintage beer labels Pt 2.........Chicago brews

Operating on the theory that the continuous search for excellence in 20th Century graphic design is best accomplished with a cold one in hand, I give you...............

As I always say, if you're not going to drink in moderation, stay home.........and make sure to give your children lots of interesting stories to share when they're in therapy, years from today ;)


  1. Those are great labels. One of the swell things about America is that there are still some towns around with bars with names like "The JFK Bar" with a 50's neon sign outside and mesh on the windows. I always really want to go in, but I'm afraid there will be a really big ugly guy in there saying, "you don't come from here..."

  2. I grew up in Flint, Michigan (insert punch line here), home to interesting bars, trust me. I've been in Chicago since the early ' THERE are some odd little neighborhood bars...(I'm not talking Rush Street, and the places that concierges send touristas to...I'm talking about the ones in neighborhoods that they would strongly caution you not to cab into at night...). I so young and green when I moved here, that in all honesty I once asked my boyfriend if "zimne piwo" was the name of the bar we were entering......;)

  3. McDonalds...this must be that famous chain called "Cerveza Fria"....I'll have the McFlautas de Pollo, and two Dos Equis McFlurrys con limon.......

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