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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A few Cajun requests for Mr. Anchovy......... :)

You may have some of these, but here are some selections by both Aldus Roger, Lawrence Walker, and one by the Balfa Bros. that I have:

Lawrence Walker-'Tit Yeux Noirs
Lawrence Walker-Mamou two step
Aldus Roger-KLFY waltz
The Balfa Brothers-La Danse de Mardi Gras (funny, I had a copy of that because a friend taught me that tune on the fiddle years
Doc Guidry & Lawrence Walker-Crowlwy two step
Aldus Roger-One more chance
Aldus Roger-Creole stomp
Lawrence Walker-Chére Alice
Aldus Roger-Lafayette two step
Aldus Roger-Johnny can't dance
Aldus Roger-Diga ding ding dong
Aldus Roger-Grand Texas
Aldus Roger-One scotch one bourbon one beer
Lawrence Walker-La valse de Reno
Aldus Roger-What will I do
Aldus Roger-Perrodin Two Step
Aldus Roger-Wafus two step


  1. Some excellent material here. Some I know well, like Reno Waltz and Danse de Mardi Gras. I know Diga ding ding dong as Diggy Diggy lo, performed by various people. They're very close. Mamou Two-step is perfect. Love the most unusual version of One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer.
    The version of Johnny Can't Dance has a much different feel than the Creole and Zydeco versions of the same tune I've heard (with lyrics...Johnny Can't Dance, ants in his pant...). Very nice. The Crowley Two-step is a beautiful fiddle tune with an infectious melody I don't think I've heard before.

  2. Excellent! wasn't sure if you had some of that or not. I dug through what I had from several sources and found that....I have quite a bit more from a lot of other artists. I can post some more stuff, if you'd like :)