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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A few tunes in memory of Solomon Burke.............RIP

Solomon Burke
(March 21, 1940 – October 10, 2010)

 A few songs....

Just out of reach (of my two empty arms) 1961
Only love (can save me now) 1965
You can't love 'em all 1964
Baby come on home 1966
Cry to me 1962
Keep looking 1966
I feel a sin coming on 1966
I'm hanging my heart up for you 1962
I really don't want to know 1962
Keep a light in the window till I come home 1967
If you need me 1963
Take me (just as I am) 1967
Can't nobody love you 1963
Detroit City 1967
I wish I knew 1968
You're good for me 1963
He'll have to go 1964
Stupidity 1963
Up tight good woman 1969
Goodbye baby 1964
Proud Mary 1969
Everybody needs somebody to love 1964
The electronic Magnetism (that's heavy baby) 1971
Love's Street and Fool's Road 1972
Yes i do 1964
Get up and do something for yourself 1972
The price 1964
Got to get you off my mind 1965
Midnight and you 1974
Tonight's the night 1965
Someone is watching 1965
You and you baby blues 1975
Let me wrap my arms around you 1975


  1. I Feel a Sin Coming On may be my favourite Solomon Burke tune. I think Mr. Burke could make anything sound soulful. Tuffy P and I had an opportunity to attend one of his shows two or three years ago at Massey Hall here in Toronto, and he was fantastic. His band included a killer B3 player too (I love the so-called colour instruments - B3s and accordions).

  2. Me too. I trance at the sound of a Leslie I bet that was a great show! Btw, I don't think that accordions are just colour, they're the whole damn rainbow! ;)

  3. I stumbled across yer blog searching for some Roy Milton.

    The ref to the B-3 and a Leslie cabinet with those rotating speakers (especially the horn) got me all misty.
    Have always been a guitar player but the B-3 in the little soul revues that were in vogue when I was a kid were what did it for me too.
    A horn line and a Hammond B-3 with a Leslie, that was about the height of musical class in that era.

  4. I just had to say that I used to have a boyfriend manyyyy years ago, who called used to sing that when he was flatulent "I feeeel a sin...I say I feel a sinnnn right now...comin' on!!!" (sorry, now you may never quite listen to the song the same way again) :0