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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brook Benton and Dinah Washington....."The two of us" 1960

This is a favorite record, dating back to childhood. Mr. Anchovy (of the wonderful ) recently had a post entitled "What was your first record?" This got me to thinking about this record. Certainly among my first favourites.  I don't know that it really qualifies as a "duet" record, per se. I have read that Dinah and Brook didn't quite "click" in the studio. She was a perfectionist, he was laid back in his approach to recording. Ultimately, the result is only a few duets ("I do", "I believe", "Baby you've got what it takes", and "Rockin' good way"), the rest of the album is filled out by recordings done by Brook and Dinah separately. That's a pity really, IMHO, because they really were vocally amazing on the duets. In fact, the "playful??" tension shows on the duets...Brook accidently cuts in on one of Dinah's lines in "Baby you've got what it takes", and she corrects him (the released take includes this), and she refers to it again in "Rockin' good way" (again included in the take) Owch!** I'm guessing it's probably not as light hearted as it seems in both songs, based on what I've read later. After the four duets were recorded, Mercury had to finish the album by putting in the remaining songs. In any event, I love this brings back so many memories of childhood. My parents eventually just let me have it, as I borrowed it so often that I was wearing it out. 

Here it is..........enjoy!

There goes my heart
Call me
Baby (You've got what it takes)
Love walked in
Not one step behind
A rockin' good way (to mess around and fall in love)
Someone to believe in
This I promise you
I do 
Because of everything
I believe

The above cuts are from the 1960 LP...these remaining cuts are from the later CD release

Nothing in the world
While we're young
Looking back
We have love (previously unreleased)
Early every morning (previously unreleased)
Love walked in (mono)


  1. I think so, too........glad you like :)

  2. Dinah Washington is a legend

    thanks for this

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