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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Equal time for the Allies tonight..........

Here is a series of propaganda broadcasts into Germany from (I believe) late October 1944, by The Glenn Miller Orchestra....their hits, and with many songs sung in German.  Narration is in German by Miller ( and his co-host, Ilse Weinberger. Hmmmm.....the person who sent these to listed them as Benny Goodman....NOT. It's German (and my ears) say Glenn Miller.....anyhoo............have fun with it :)

Closing theme (Moonlight serenade)
Great day
Hear we go again
In the mood
Little brown jug
Show closing (Cherokee)
Show opening  (Moonlight Serenade/In the Mood)
Smoke gets in your eyes
Stormy Weather
String of pearls
Begin the beguine
Tuxedo Junction
Volga Boatman
Is you is or is you ain't my baby (w/ Ray McKinley)
Miller does  ;)
Begin the beguine...another version
Johnny Desmond sings in german! :) Mein Herz Sagt Mir

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