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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A sampling of early Alberta Hunter (a salty 'lil bit of tunage for Mr. Anchovy)...

Not a very complete, good sound quality, or chronological sampling, but 'tis what I have, currently........there may be more in the old archives..........I'll dig around and see :) 


You can't tell the difference after dark
Someone else will take your place
Second hand man
Vamping Brown
Send me a man
Chripin' the blues
Aggravatin' Papa
Downhearted blues (1939 version)
I'm going away to wear you off my mind
I'll see you go
Loveless love
Fine and mellow
You can take my man, back you can't keep him for long
Yelping blues
Someday sweetheart
Mistreated blues
The love I have for you w/ Eddie Heywood & His Jazz Six
My castle's rockin' w/ Eddie Heywood & His Jazz Six
Down South blues
Boogie woogie swing w/ Eddie Heywood & His Jazz Six
Michigan Water blues
I won't let you down w/ Eddie Heywood & His Jazz Six
Stingaree blues
Take your big hands off
You can't do what my last man did
He's got a punch like Joe Louis
Experience blues
How long sweet Daddy, how long w/ Henderson's Novelty Orch.
Sad and lonely blues
Downhearted blues (1922 version) w/ Eubie Blake's Orch.
Miss Anna Brown
Gonna have you, ain't gonna leave you alone w/ Eubie Blake's Orch.
You can have my man if he comes to see you w/ Fletcher Henderson
Maybe someday
Bring it with you when you come w/ Henderson's Novelty Orch.
Old fashioned love
Nobody knows the way I feel this morning
If the rest of the world don't want you (go back to your Mother and Dad)
Early every morn'
It's gonna be a cold, cold winter
I'm going to see my Ma w/ Fats Waller
Parlor social de-luxe
Miss Otis regrets
Beale Street blues w/ Fats Waller
I can't give you anything but love w/ Fats Waller
Sugar w/ Fats Waller
Cake walking babies w/ Louis Armstrong and Red Onion

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  1. Wow, thanks. Will give it a good listen tomorrow. cheers.