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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

As promised........part 4 (of 7) !! Fletcher Henderson..........

Fletcher Henderson............part 4!! (3 more ta!!)

A new kind of man (with a new kind of love for me) 1924
I'll see you in my dreams 1 (w/ Louis Armstrong)
Malinda's wedding day 1931 (As Connie's Inn Orchestra)
Mamma's gonna slow you down 1-1924
Manda 10-7-1924 (w/ Louis Armstrong)
Mandy make up your mind (w/ Louis Armstrong) 11-1924
Mary had a little lamb 5-23-1936
Me Neenya (My Little One) 2-4-1925 (w/ Louis Armstrong)
Memphis blues 9-12-1934
Memphis bound 4-18-1925  (w/ Louis Armstrong)
Milenberg joys (As Connie's Inn Orchestra) 1931
Money blues 2 (w/ Louis Armstrong)  5-19-1925
Money blues 1 (w/ Louis Armstrong)  5-19-1925
Money blues 5-19-1925
Moonrise on the lowlands 4-9-1936
Moten stomp 5-28-1938
My dream man (w/ Louis Armstrong) 11-10-1924
My gal Sal 2-5-1931
My papa doesn't two time no time 4-16-1924 (As Henderson's Club Alabam Orch.)
My pretty girl 2-5-1931
My Rose Marie (w/ Louis Armstrong) 10-10-1924
My sweet tooth says I wanna 1931 (As Connie's Inn Orchestra)
Nagasaki  9-22-1933
Naughty man 2 (w/ Louis Armstrong) 1924
Naughty man 52 (w/ Louis Armstrong) 1924
Naughty man 53 (w/ Louis Armstrong) 1924
Maughty man (w/ Louis Armstrong) 1924
Nervous Charlie stomp 1-20-1926 (As The Dixie Stompers)
New King Porter stomp  12-9-1932
Night life 9-22-1933
Nobody's Rose 12-20-1925
Off to Buffalo 5-11-1927
Off to Buffalo 10-10-1926 (As The Dixie Stompers)
Oh sister ain't you hot 1-1924
Oh it looks like rain
Oh baby (As The Dixie Stompers) 4-6-1928
Old black Joe's blues 12-22-1923
Old black Joe's blues 1928 (As Henderson's Happy Six Orchestra)
Old black Joe's blues   
One of these days 11-10-1924  (Louis Armstrong/Fletcher Henderson Club Alabam Orch.)
Panama 12-22-1925 (As The Dixie Stompers)
Peaceful valley 12-7-1925
Posin' 1937
Potomac River blues 12-22-1923
Prince of Wails 3 11-1924
The meanest kind of blues 11-14-1924 (w/ Louis Armstrong)


  1. Wotta Lotta Goooooooooooooooooood stuff!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ain't near over, Overturf ;) (seriously, there's quite a bit more to go that I have of him). But, for now, I'm spacing it in between a Maxine Sullivan list, one of Dakota Staton, a request for some Rosemary Clooney (I have so much of her, I don't EVEN know where to start on that one), and maybe some male singers...Dick Powell, Chick Bullock....who knows...a lot of stuff to sort through. Any requests? pile it on....I love doing the request stuff.