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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Equal time for beefcake..........considering that you've been enjoying the cheesecake.... ;)

Gary beefcake goes, certifiable Grade AA. (If I'm going to objectify actresses based on looks.....'tis only right to objectify an actor or two.....) ;)

Everyone loves a "little" Coop.......... ;)


  1. OK. It is thoroughly INCOMPREHENSIBLE that there are NO COMMENTS to this post. Maybe people are too blinded by Coop's beauty to write... you know, sort of... stunned into paralysis. My only explanation. Because those photos were toe-curlingly marvellous! (As is your blog! Glad to have found it!!)

  2. Ha ha!! I had to throw a curve ball out there, instead of my usual cheesecake :) Thank you for the delicious blog is a fave of mine. I love sites where I can just get lost in the visuals, the commentary...just the general ambience of it all (granted, having exceptionally good taste is quite the draw, too!!) Cheers!!

  3. Diya notice how hardly any men can wear a single breasted jacket that's tailored correctly? Tall, thin men should always lean toward a long line like that. When I see one, it's either too tight or too loose. We seem to live in a world of men who all wear double breasted suits that give them the "William Frawley" look (well, hopefully minus the waistline at the 'moobs, with braces). Does anyone use a good tailor these days??