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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A few pics of items in the big collection.........

People who know me from my antique dealing days used to tease me about my obsession with tins. I collect 'em.....mostly vintage African American and Caucasian hair products. Tonight, however, I thought I'd show some Canco tins.......Beautebox Henry Clive tins, and a few others.
Henry Clive Beautebox Christmas tin
Henry Clive
Canco tin of NBC radio's Gene and Glenn
Henry Clive pencil tin with Chaplin
Canco Beautebox logo
Assorted Clive tins
Clive Valentino tin
An exceptional Clive Gloria Swanson Beautebox
Clive Bebe Daniels

Canco Halloween theme
Clive Betty Compson
Another tin of the Clive Swanson
1927 Photoplay advert. for an item I've been looking for...(no luck) :(

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