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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Part 6.............Fletcher Henderson

Comin' back atcha with part more ta go! enjoy!!

Static strut 4-14-1926 (As The Dixie Stompers)
Sealin' apples 1936
Stealin' apples 1936
Steppin out 1-1924
Stockholm stomp 1-22-1927
Strangers 3-10-1932
Sugar 10-16-1931
Sugar foot stomp (As Connie's Inn Orchestra) 3-19-1931
Sugar foot stomp w/ Louis Armstrong 5-29-1925
Swamp blues 5-11-1927
Swanee butterfly 1 w/ Louis Armstrong 1-31-1925
Swanee butterfly 3 w/ Louis Armstrong 1-31-1925
Swanee River blues  12-1923  (As Henderson's Dance Orch.)
Sweet and hot 2-5-1931
Sweet music 1931
Sweet thing 11-19-1926
Take me away from the river 3-10-1932
Tampeeko 3-22-1926 (As The Dixie Stompers)
Teapot Dome blues 4-15-1924 (As Henderson's Club Alabam Orch.)
Tell me dreamy eyes w/ Louis Armstrong 10-10-1924
Then I'll be happy 11-16-1925 v=Don Redman
There's a rickety rackety shack (By A Rickety Rockety Road)   (As Fletcher Henderson's Collegians)  November 26, 1927
There's rain in my eyes 1937-1938
Tidal wave 1934
Tiger rag 2-1931
TNT 10-21-1925
Tozo 1-21-1927
Trees 1937  v=Chuck Richards
Underneath the Harlem moon 12-9-1932
Until today 1936
Variety stomp 4-27-1927
Variety stomp 5-12-1927 (As The Dixie Stompers)
Wabash blues 3-23-1927 (As The Dixie Stompers)
Wang wang blues 3-23-1927  (As The Dixie Stompers)
Warhorse mama (Introducing "Triflin' man") 11-1923 (As Henderson's Club Alabam Orch.)
What cha call 'em blues  w/ Louis Armstrong 5-29-1925
What do you hear from the mob in Scotland  1937-1938
What good am I without you 12-2-1930
What will I tell my heart 1934-37
What's your story (what's your jive) 1937  v=Chuck Richards
When Spring comes peeping through 3-29-1926 (As The Dixie Stompers)
When you do what you do w/ Louis Armstrong 4-18-1925
Where there's you there's me (From the Film "The Two Of Us")  5-23-1936

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