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Monday, January 31, 2011

A few upcoming lists..........

Stay tuned for more Wanda Jackson, and also some recordings by Miff Mole. I'm also still putting together a list of Rosemary Clooney that's proving to be rather vexing for me (a lot of recordings, and finding it hard to decide what to focus on). I also am preparing a list of recordings from the Original Memphis Five (some of which will probably dovetail with the Miff Mole lists).  Just a heads up, if you other words, I'm warning you to upgrade that hard drive..... ;)


  1. Your mention of The OMF got me thinkin' about Memphis Minnie which in turn got me thinkin' about this lady..........

    Shout, sister, shout (and play some great electric guitar too)!

  2. Oh, wow....I have quite a bit of both her, and Memphis Minne......lists? I'm thinkin' so....both are excellent ideas :)