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Monday, January 24, 2011

A bit more Camille Howard.............

A little more Camille Howard............

Back on October 7, of 2010, I posted a list of songs by Camille Howard:

Well, Lo and behold, I'm looking for other songs, and I came upon this disc of stuff I hadn't put on the earlier list.............some really good stuff.....more great vocals, and excellent boogie piano.

Check it out!!

Sweetheart of my dreams
Belmont boogie
Boogie in G
Everything he lacks
Fluff boogie
Fool about you daddy
Goldberg boogie
I wonder who's to blame
I'll cry over you
It's a hit
Ivory and pick boogie
Maybe it's for the best after all
Modulation boogie
My heart goes out to you
Nobody else
Peggie's boogie
Please don't stay away so long
Scat boogie
Southerland blues
Sundays with you
Terri's boogie
Thrill me
Tired of me
Viper boogie
Why did you do it

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