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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gehhh....listening to BBC world news this morning while working......

This morning.......the "Is Rock dead??" convo............

In the UK....hardly any rock on the charts...never any jazz....just pop. Rock music is dead...blah blah blah diddy wah.  In the US the same.

Apparently I dwell in an alternate universe (I hear a hearty AYE from all who know me).  To tell the truth, I'd rather slash my wrists and recline in a warm bath than listen to 90% of pop music on radio here in Chicago.  It's that vapid and insignificant.  But, then again....most teens that I know have tastes as vapid and insignificant as the music they listen to, and the television that they watch. 

My father had a saying: "If you are constantly given shit, the day you are given shit wrapped in pretty cellophane, you'll probably be really happy that you were given such great shit"

I have a nearly 13 year old, as many of you know. Average young in most ways. Plays a lot of sports. Sings in several choirs, and studies voice.

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