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Thursday, January 6, 2011

On condescending audiophile purists and one-upsmanship....

I view a lot of blogs about music. Finding great music you may or may not have ever heard is a great adventure...something that totally makes my day.  It's about the music, really, at least to me it is.  When I'm at a site, I want to have some fun and be excited to hear the artists that I'm getting into....I don't want to leave feeling bummed out.  I hate going to sites that are so all-knowing, and condescending that I leave, feeling like an idiot for even attempting to encroach upon the sacred ground of some audiophile purist (read: The man who knew what Louis Armstrong had for breakfast on June 23, 1924, and what his flatulence was like that evening).

In any event, my point is this......I have no illusions at ever being highbrow about anything that I post....I won't make any assumptions that I know more than any of you, or any other BS like that. F*ck it.....this is supposed to be fun. Trust me, often my sources, files, bit rates, and collections are less than complete or perfect.  That's all.  I'm just here to post what I enjoy, take requests to locate and post what some of you enjoy, and really just engage in conversations with all of you about what you like, what I like, anecdotes, and humor.......I just want all of this to be fun, and a little bit different....nothing fancy, here....'tis what 'tis......



  1. Then there's the man who ate the same thing as Louis Armstrong for breakfast in the hope that it would help him play as well....

  2. It's comforting somehow to think that a whole bunch of fledgling trumpet players were ingesting massive amounts of Swiss Kriss, in order to be more like Satchmo.... ;)

  3. Barbarella: I just stumbled upon your blog when on a general hunt for Chick Webb. Great Caesar's ghost, I've stumbled upon the lost treasures of the ages!! I'm kind of stunned by the sheer volume of amazing music and images you're posting. My sock flew off my feet when I simply saw how much Fletcher Henderson you posted. WOW! THANK YOU!! I will be here frequently, checking out some of the more obscure stuff for sure.

  4. Oh, wow...that's a hella compliment, Thanks! :) I love doing it. When I'm looking for an artist, I always wanted to find a big cache of stuff, and I wasn't able to find figured I might not be the only one looking....and there ya go, I decided to post like that!