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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fletcher Henderson part 5.........(yeah, there's more.......)

Yup..........still even more Fletcher Henderson........part 5 of 7. Enjoy.

P.D.Q. blues 4-29-1927
Pensacola 12-20-1925
Phantom fantasie 3-6-1934
Play me slow 2 (w/ Louis Armstrong) 1-23-1925
Play me slow 3 (w/ Louis Armstrong) 1-23-1925
Poor old Joe 3-10-1932
Poplar Street blues 2-4-1925
Prince of wails 1 (w/ Louis Armstrong) 11-1924
Prince of wails 2 (w/ Louis Armstrong) 11-1924
Queer notions 1933
Raisin' the roof (As Henderson's Roseland Orchestra)  1929  
Rhythm of the tambourine 3-2-1937
Riffin' 5-23-1936
Rocky Mountain blues 1-21-1927
Roll on Mississippi roll on 1927
Rose Room (In sunny Roseland) 3-22-1937
Rough house blues (As The Louisiana Stompers)
Rug cutter's swing 9-25-1934
Sensation 3-19-1927
Shake your feet from "Ziegfeld Follies of 1923" 1923
Shake your feet 1923  
Shanghai shuffle (w/ Louis Armstrong) 1924
Shanghai shuffle   (w/ Louis Armstrong) 1924
Shanghai shuffle 9-11-1934
Shuffling Sadie 3-11-1927
Sing you sinners From "Honey"  10-25-1937
Sing sing sing (With A Swing) V=Georgia Boy Simkins
Singin' the blues (from "Singin' The Blues")  10-15-1931
Sleepy time gal 11-16-1925
Slumming on Park Avenue
Snag it (As The Dixie Stompers) 1-20-1927
Some of these days 1-19-1927
Somebody loves me 10-3-1930
Somebody stole my gal 2-1931
Sorry (As Fletcher Henderson's Collegians)  1927  
St Louis shuffle 2 (As The Dixie Stompers) 3-23-1927
St Louis shuffle 4-27-1927
Stampede 3-22-1937


  1. This is a monster tribute (in a good way ...0

    Well done, Hair Royal Highness!

  2. Well....I did have a lot of stuff to post! Probably even more that I haven't dug out :0