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Monday, January 31, 2011

Damnit, damnit.....

I almost had it up (yeah, the jokes on that from the peanut gallery....).  Part one of Wanda Jackson.  4shared is giving me probs tonight, both on upload, and on download.  It's getting near on 1am. Must call it a night.....I have early parental business at about 6am. 

Nice talking with you all, especially regarding the potential weather/snow on the horizon, and mostly memories of huge blizzards of our youth. On a more positive note (for y'all), if Chicago gets snowed in late on Monday.........I'll have all the damn time in the world to research and load the rest of the freaking list!! (and, failing that, perhaps go stir crazy and become homicidal).   As usual, I digress.....onward to the ZZzzzz's.  I do hope to get Part one of that HUGE Wanda list up in the AM.....stay tuned. :)

You guys are great, btw......I enjoy the comments, and discourse....very fun!!!

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